Can micael kors become the next master of Jimmy choo??

Of course, these rumors are definitely not a combination of the game so simple. Many speculation is justified. Like this time, starting from Michael Kors, after the company has made a statement, will not rule out the use of acquisitions to complete the expansion.

And many American brands, Michael Kors nearly two years also subject to shrinking department store channels, revenue decline significantly. For the first three quarters of the year ended December 31, 2016, the total sales fell 1.8%, while net profit fell 12.5%. To this end, Michael Kors on a global scale KOL hopes to drive sales, but the company’s performance “disappointing.”

So, Jimmy Choo such a streamlined, positioning more high-end, the core product category and its existing business can achieve complementary brand, is indeed Michael Kors want to turn around when the good choice – Jimmy Choo 75% of the current sales from footwear Products, and Michael Kors footwear sales can only account for 11% of total brand sales.

On the other hand, Jimmy Choo’s price will not be as high as Kate Spade. From the market value of the brand listed on the London Stock Exchange, its market size is $ 994 million. And if you look at the overall value of the company, according to “Women’s Daily” data, this figure will be 1.2 billion. Law firm Gowling WLG partner Gearge Sevier has said that for the brand this time the acquisition of Jimmy Choo is a good time, because its “share price in the past decade has been down, and the British pound weakened the British companies in the eyes of foreign buyers More popular. “