Michael Kors 2017 Fall / Winter Media Preview

Michael Kors organized a 2017 Fall series of media previews on June 1 to show Michael Kors Collection, Michael Kors Men’s 2017 autumn and winter series of clothing, and a new smart watch that will be available in the fall And jewelry and so on. Carefully arranged Michael Kors newsstand, from New York magazine, snack, video symphony orchestra interpretation of the show music, every detail shows the brand elegant modern, atmospheric exquisite American style.

Strong gas field, cut neat silhouette jacket, tough shoulders, clear waist cut, fashion transmission of a force. At the same time, into the soft fabric, wrinkle detail, distributed to cover the texture and sexy. Lazy silk fabric, full of tassels temptation, feminine emotional temperament was interpreted to the extreme. Sparkling gold and silver thread, metal ring and sequins decoration, as well as as always the leopard, cheetah and python and other abstract elements as embellishment, Michael Kors Collection 2017 autumn women will be soft and strength into one, totally natural.

Designers in the season of the package section and footwear series also injected into the hardness and strength of the power. Soft folding handbag with neat suit, highlight the city elegant. Slope with the shape of the shoe behind the shape of a very modern sense, lazy loose boots and tie sandals are added to join the traveler-like fashion and comfortable. 2017 Fall series, including a variety of gray tones from silver to carbon ash, and add rich red and jade white, while covering the chic classic black, warm beige, milky white, brown, chocolate and olive, The whole color of the fall, tenacity and strength without losing the gentle charm.

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