26 Mar 2013

The reasons why newborn babies laugh in their sleep

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They certainly aren’t keeping in mind the distribution! That is a traumatic process (and a disrespectful awakening from a familiar and relaxed environment).baby laughing while sleeping I have 5 kids and my most recent newborn started smiling, AND MAKING FUN OF THE SAME TIME SHE WAS SMILING while sleeping, at a number of hours old. laughing gif
She undoubtedly has no life experience and, because a newborn babies vision is fuzzy, had not yet seen anything that would make her smile and laugh. Lots of people will say smiling is a reflex babies need to make them look more enticing so they will be looked after or that it’s from gas. They are either saying babies are extremely intelligent and conniving from childbirth– or that the reflex/response has actually been programmer into them (which would point to the truth of our creator God). And, by the way, I’m unsure about anybody else … But I don’t smile when I get gas !!

We are mentioning more than simply smiling nevertheless … We are speaking of laughing and smiling OCCURRING AT THE SAME TIME! In the bible (I believe it’s guide of Matthew) God let’s us know that each child has actually his/her own angel (which I believe stays with us all our lives, btw). I actually feel that either our babies have seen things we have just yet to see … Or that they are imagining their guardian angel who was with them from the beginning !!
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See a real funny laughing gif here.

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23 Mar 2013

Welcome to the blog

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Welcome to www.LinSys.CA. This is our first post.
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